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This is my home online to write about all things nerdy and geeky

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Cool Stuff

This is just a placeholder for me to look at this really cool parallax effect – man, this web stuff is stinkin’ cool!


I Love Awesome Stuff

I enjoy reading, and writing (haha, even a lil’ arithmetic from time to time). I am passionate about technology, an avid fan of comics, and sci-fi, and I enjoy playing music with friends, oh and Jesus, He is my friend…

TV Shows

This is where you can find my latest blog posts, and comments on shows that I like to watch. I am a fan of too many to really list, but my current favorites include Lethal Weapon, Star Trek: Discovery, and The Resident, among many many others…

In the Theater

No, this is not where we get overly flamboyant and break out in show-tunes, this is where I will place links to upcoming movies I can’t wait to watch, and where (if I stay on task enough) I will post spoiler-free and spoiler-warning reviews of the movies I have watched

Audible Addiction

My day-job has me traveling 30ish miles to and from work, which has me listening to a variety of books on audible. I am a fan of urban-fantasy, lit-RPG, and anything with a supernatural flair. I will do my best to compile a list of books I have been listening to, and what books I intend to get next.

What I do

Ever hear the phrase, “don’t quit your day job?” – well that is something I doubt I would ever do. I love the environment in which I work, and I love what I do. For a living, I am an IT desktop support technician. I get to play with cool toys, and fix other people’s problems. I would not change it for the world. But, there is so much more to me than just fixing things…


I have two of the most amazing and beautiful daughters, whom I have the privilege of being called Daddy by. They ARE my world, and I consider myself blessed beyond measure.


I have the privilege of getting to lead worship at the downtown rescue mission on the third Wednesday of each month. I play guitar a bit and sing some. Sometimes I think that I do this more for my own gratification than for others, and other times, I rest in getting to really get into the heart of worship.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to be creative. I LOVE brainstorming new ideas, and finding out-of-the-box solutions to other people’s problems (and occasionally to my own). I have aspirations to create a film in the near future, to write a few stories, and eventually to put on paper something that will move the world. Till then, I will settle for filling in this space…


I was blessed with a quick wit, and sarcasm as a native tongue. I love to laugh, and I know that if I can make you laugh, I can get you to like me.

When I laugh I can be a lot of fun…


Who am I?

We tend to find our identity in what we do. I think that this is backwards. I think that what I do should be a reflection of who I am..


That guy that does that thing

I want to change
peoples lives

Ideally, we all want to leave a mark. At the end, when the music fades, and all is gone away, what will people say about you? Will they say good things? Will they say bad? Will they say anything at all? I hope that I impact people in a profound way that creates a positive shockwave that is felt for decades to come. What do you want to do?

Daddy / Tech Guy / Photographer / Very Amateur Videographer / Cinephile / Comedian / Friend / Brother / Son

— Welcome to my world —

Stuff I do

Some Recent Projects

As time progresses, I will place images and videos here for your enjoyment. Feel free to click around and explore! (keep in mind – most of the really cool looking stuff on there is just a place-holder)

The Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us

867-5309 – no, I think that might be for Jenny…

23 -the answer to everything

1 – sounds like a pretty lonely number…


The Ones that Pay the Bills

This is starting to seem a little indulgent isn’t it?


Keep In Touch

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